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Talissa GrindleMy husband and I set off on our 3,200 mile adventure to Seattle. We left our jobs, sold a house, and packed our belongings in order to move and plant a church in Seattle. All within the first 3 months of marriage! In this time our love has grown in understanding, patience, and service. This season of life has been flavored with silliness, fall over laughter, hurts, loss, and a deep sharing of self with the other. I wouldn’t trade any of it! My mind keeps coming back to this simply put phrase: “It is happy to love.” I can’t wait to take the risk God is calling us into with the one I love. There will be so many “firsts” and new transitions into a culture unknown to us. I’m excited to document the journey with my camera. My love for photography began in my early college years when I was a fine arts major.
I took a photography class and began to dabble in photographing close friends and family. At the time other things took center stage but I never forgot my joy of capturing a composition in camera. I later studied to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant and worked three years in the Danville school district. Talissa GrindleI saw kids who needed my services and was able to communicate that they are seen, they are heard, and they are loved. This is what I want to do through the means of photography: capture people in a moment and assure them that they are seen and valued. I’m excited to see the people I’ll meet through this craft and I hope to use my background in therapy to photograph families or individuals with special needs. I’m so thankful to have a loving and supportive husband who is for me as I pursue this dream and I’m blessed by the support of my BURTco. family.

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