Susan G

Susan G has transitioned from her roots as a singer/songwriter to her rightful place as a pop artist.
Trading organic and ethereal easy listening for heavy synths and head-nodding beats, Susan G combines pop production and silky soulful vocals with a throwback R&B flavor that is instantly irresistible from the first note.
She is a singer/songwriter, influencer, and YouTuber. After graduating with a BA in English from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) Susan pursued music above writing, making her first album while working three jobs, but quickly fell into freelance music journalism, covering fellow Seattle artist’s shows and album reviews for local publications. For the past four years, Susan has been a resident lifestyle writer for Sinclair Broadcasting (KOMO’s Seattle Refined) after meeting the editor at an Usher concert and bonding over a bet consisting of which point in the show his shirt would come off.
In her spare time, you’ll find Susan cruising around on her hoverboard, trying out new restaurants in Seattle, and enjoying Soulcycle, Orangetheory, or any other workout that tricks you into thinking you’re at a party instead of a gym. She loves to travel, will try most anything once, and is a sucker for a craft cocktail…preferring whiskey while performing, and gin and St. Germaine any other time.
Susan teaches voice, piano, and songwriting lessons, and is passionate about encouraging young people while giving them the tools to excel in the music they love. You’ll often find her collaborating on projects with her husband Jake, pretending to not be a grown-up with her step-son Carter, laughing too loud in public with her best friends, and obsessing far too much over her cat, Meredith Grey.

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