SeraMaple + Mauve was born out of a need to create. I was working as an interior designer at a small architecture firm in Seattle, when I noticed I couldn’t find understated jewelry that was easy for me to wear everyday. Coming from the interior design & architecture world, I had design ideas in my head constantly. Creating minimal spaces that highlight raw materials was my mantra, and I decided I wanted to see what that would look like in a wearable form.
Then one day, I got the chance. My friend makes concrete lamps, and I asked him if I could watch his process and see if I could make something, anything, like I had imagined. He spent the evening answering my questions, and I spent my time using plywood, a drill and some earring posts to experiment. After some time (okay a lot of time) and even more optimism, I had made my first pair of concrete earrings. They weren’t flashy; they were simple, honest and wearable, and I loved them.Sera
In time, I understood working with my hands and seeing my designs become a reality was my true passion. I turned my home into a studio/office/lab and started Maple + Mauve. Though the process has changed and the pieces are more refined, that same curiosity remains in all of my work. As I expanded my line to new mediums, I wanted to keep the same design values – thoughtful jewelry that is interesting, honest and easy to wear. The making process is completely hands-on from the moment inspiration hits to the molding, cutting, casting, setting, finishing and packaging of each piece.
This is a the very intimate production which is essential to the Maple + Mauve brand, Serathat makes the design process just as valued as the end product. Each of my designs has been thoughtfully created, each one slightly different than the last, and yet, just as lovely. With much love and attention, Maple + Mauve slowly grew to what it is now – a Seattle based jewelry studio specializing in concrete, ceramic and wood designs. This journey has been a personal and professional adventure for me, and I hope you enjoy the outcome.

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