Sandi Staples

Sandi StaplesEverett, WA mosaic artist Sandi Staples creates unique mosaics for gallery and home settings. Her fascination with the color, texture and surface of mosaic art and the beauty of expressing it through glass is her driving force. Cultures have used mosaic to tell stories and preserve history for 2500 Sandi Staplesyears. Mosaics are a work of love and sweat. Each tessera – the little pieces of glass which compose mosaics – is painstakingly cut and laid on its support. It takes between 25 and 100 times more time to create a mosaic than it would to create a painting of similar design. After a successful medical career, Sandi returned to the arts, working on her contemporary interpretation of the ancient art of mosaics as a fine art medium. Sandi teaches mosaic classes around the Seattle area and is a member of SAMA, The Society of American Mosaic Artists.

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