Rachel Burklund

Rachel BurklundIn the eyes of Rachel Burklund, design is the core of artistic expression. Abiding by her motto, “Life is about infusing passion into every moment,” she tackles her work with the same fervor by which she lives. After graduating with a degree in fashion design from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Rachel took the conceptual route as the wits behind the design in a vast trade. She has already transcended barriers by working in the fashion industry designing jewelry and clothing for several companies. Her versatility within the industry confirmed, along with a dedicated interest and ability to design all types of products has further developed her naturally keen character. She has a talent for settingRachel Burklund style and creating products that take fashion a step ahead.
She crosses the bridge between clothing design and jewelry easily and often through her sketches. Expressing her inner creativity to the world through drawing and sketching is a medium that she continues to enhance and work on perfecting. The final product of Rachel Burklund Jewelry Designs is the realistic form of inner manifestations. Rachel’s inspirations come from the roaring twenties, art deco, flapper styles, and the paintings of Salvador Dalí. She looks to fashion pioneers such as Madeline Vionette, Elsa Schiaparelli and Vivienne Westwood for insight. Like these icons, Rachel believes in taking risks in design and Rachel Burklundtrying new methods as she combines her tendencies toward a more classic style with a modern edge.
Furniture design, architecture and the humbling natural landscapes of our world also motivate Rachel artistically. She takes time to travel regularly so that she can step out of the norm, reflect, and gain a new perspective on her originality and intention. She loves the idea of being dressed up and flawless – complete with jewelry, hats and gloves. The timeless beauty of those such as Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth is her “perfect style” paradigm. This classic, Old World notion of fashion provides limitless inspiration for Rachel’s creations.Rachel Burklund
Rachel likes to push people to explore new styles of dress. Her designs allow people to be adventurous and daring in a very sexy way. She takes into account the curves of our bodies and strives to design jewelry that follows our natural shape and accents our beautiful attributes. In accordance with her timeless ideal of beauty, Rachel Burklund’s jewelry has an eternal quality: in addition its feminine and sophisticated look, it is light, vibrant and easy to wear.

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