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Patty MakaturaSince Patty Makatura has been old enough to hold a crayon, she’s loved the challenge of trying to tell a story and evoke feelings through color and images. Graduating to paints and discovering the magical world of theatre, she made her way across the rolling hills of Pennsylvania to the flatlands of the Midwest to pursue an MFA in Set Design. She designed and painted sets in some of Chicago’s finest theatres, among them Steppenwolf, Lifeline, and Light Opera Works, before heading out again to the jagged northwest.
Seattle Children’s Theatre and Seattle Opera were some of the theatres Patty worked as a scenic artist before creating her own business, Makatura Murals. For over fourteen years she’s painted the walls and ceilings of many Seattle area homes and businesses and has more recently begun to add fine art to her repertoire. In the northwest, Patty has fallen in love with the ever changing shades of gray, the proximity to the lovely mountains and sea, and the lush gardens at every turn. It is the peace and inspiration she finds in the outdoors that she hopes to bring back to her studio and client’s walls.Patty Makatura Patty has done numerous commissioned art pieces in addition to exhibiting in group shows at Blaubak Gallery and Oasis Art Gallery, as well as solo shows at Yogalife Studio, Queen Anne, and Ballard Re/Max Art Walk.
She has illustrated a delightful children’s adventure book, “Little Lala” by Lauren Selig, teaches art to children and adults, and continues to seek new skills and inspiration through classes and workshops at Gage Academy and Patrick Howe Art Gallery.
When not holding a brush, Patty can be found climbing a rock, practicing her pirouettes, or hiking in the mountains with Hunny, her beloved golden.

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