Molly Bauckham

Molly BauckhamI am a Celtic harpist (or harper, if you prefer) and singer who performs in the Seattle, Washington area. My repertoire includes a variety of traditional music as well as some classical and contemporary pieces. As a harpist I have performed in various shows and venues in the Pacific Northwest since 2001. I was lucky enough to be featured on two tracks of Eric Miller’s debut album “There Is Nothing For You Here”. I have a YouTube channel, and my videos have, to date, attracted over 140,000 views. People have been almost unfailingly kind in their comments, some of which are listed below (click on the asterisks to go to the relevant video). I was a featured “cultural guest” on two segments of the Children’s Music Foundation’s “First Note” music education curriculum, demonstrating the Celtic harp and mountain dulcimer.
I have been playing the harp since 1998, and singing for most of my life. I was born in Stanford, California; grew up in California and Hawaii; attended college in Eugene,Molly Bauckham Oregon; and have spent my adult life in Oregon and Washington. I have a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College; however, upon graduation I decided to focus on my love of singing and playing instruments instead of pursuing a theatrical career. I have had some wonderful performance experiences in my life; in 1993, during my senior year in high school, I performed in Hawaii’s statewide Brown Bags to Stardom talent competition and was awarded First Prize Vocal and the Grand Prize Overall. While living in Ashland, Oregon after college, I provided the singing voice of Princess Roxanne in the film “The Ruby Princess Runs Away”.

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