Michelle Mai

Condor Sruises

Michelle MaiThroughout her life, Michelle has always had an attraction to the arts: whether it be theater, music, dance, movies or photography she has dabbled in it all. Michelle started working in hair and makeup for fashion photo shoots at the age of 16 and around the same time began working for small fringe theaters around the Seattle area providing costuming and wardrobe styling. After a brief stint in fashion school she found that her love for art and fashion lay in other creative mediums.
She soon traded in fabric shears for a makeup brush and re-discovered her passion for makeup and hair. Michelle continues toMichelle Mai work as a professional freelance makeup and hair artist for commercial, print, film, corporate and private events. She specializes in on-trend, creative styling and is recognized for her light touch and easy-going attitude. Michelle currently lives in the Seattle area with her daughter Sofia. She is available for work in and around the greater Seattle area, and will also travel.

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