John Hoge

Seattle artist John Hoge specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of stone sculpture, using primarily granite and basalt. John and his staff are skilled in both large- and small-scale work. They use hard stones that hold finishes and endure in any climate. All work is fabricated in Seattle and can be shipped and installed internationally.
For the past 28 years, I have designed, sculpted and installed custom projects in stone throughout the Puget Sound region. My work ranges from large-scale commercial and civic installations to sculptures set in private estates, gardens and collections to small personal sculptures. My preferred choices of materials are the natural ones: stone and other earth products. I am particularly interested in stones’ naturally-occurring characteristics, formations and textures.
Much of the work that I do strives to retain, enhance and abstract naturally-occurring shapes and lines through direct carving techniques. I then use textural gradations and stone polishes to create transitions between natural surfaces and worked surfaces.
I participate on teams as an artist, where a multi-disciplinary group composed of architects, landscape architects, writers, historians and visual artists is assembled to collaborate on a project. In addition, I frequently work with contractors and engineers where my art is an integral part of a large and complex project.

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