Isaac Meyers

Isaac Meyers is one of the most creative makeup artists today. He has a large background in experiences and a list of clients including celebrities such as Etta James, Adriana Lima, Rhianna and Rob Lowe. Isaac is an artist who believes each client is unique and strives to express individuality in his work. When deciding to work with Isaac Meyers, you can rest assured that his innovation and creativity will leave you inspired. His work is bold and imaginative; he works with his heart. Isaac discovered his talent for makeup artistry when he was 17 years old.
His determination led him through nine years in Hollywood. There, he worked on a variety of projects such as TV production sets, commercials, red carpet events, editorial creations and more. Currently, Isaac maintains a working relationship with L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline NY. For these companies, he works on their red carpet events. Isaac has vision when it comes to his work. He may seem aloof at times, but he is widely praised for his eye on trends and style. He understands the world of fashion and makeup artistry.
If you are debating between Isaac Meyer and another makeup artist, you need to look no further. When selecting a makeup artist, you want someone who is experienced with a strong portfolio, who can work under pressure and in a variety of settings, and who repeatedly has proven themselves talented. Isaac Meyer offers this and more. When you work with Isaac, you are working with someone who works with some of the best makeup companies in the world. There is a reason why Isaac is becoming a name known throughout the fashion industry.
His excellent talent and vision is never ending; he continues to inspire and amaze his clients. See his creativity and vision yourself when you book a service with Isaac Meyers. Isaac provides his services in both Bellingham, as a Bellingham Makeup Artist, and in Seattle, as a Seattle Makeup Artist.

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