GRIEVE THE ASTRONAUT is a metaphor embracing all of our futures and the plight of the dreamer…the re-birth of shattered dreams…and the idea that hope does exist…that hope rekindles our dreams…”
In 2015, GRIEVE THE ASTRONAUT was born out of a vision to inspire people to follow their own dreams utilizing our music as the soundtrack on their journey. Our music has been described sonically as a blend of the soundscape of Pink Floyd and MUSE. The visual elements of our show has been carefully crafted to create a dynamic that emphasizes the dynamics of our music and incorporates media, a light show and narrative that captures the essence of our message.
In 2017, GRIEVE THE ASTRONAUT debuted their new show and new songs. The new show was a combination of our debut CD in full as well as other compositions written collaboratively. The show will also incorporated aspects of sounds directly from NASA’s soundboard to give the audience the perspective of the past, present and future of our muse…the metaphor of the astronaut!
In 2021, Grieve the Astronaut will unveil it’s new multi-media show, SIGNS, on a world recovering from a pandemic that changed life as we know it….the journey back towards hope and the rekindling of our dreams…

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