Eugenie Jones

Reminiscent of style and sophistication of iconic vocalists of the past, Jones sings and scats her way vivaciously through mainstream jazz, but also draws listeners inside contemporary story lines, sharing original tunes that have earned her recognition as a cleverly gifted lyricist. Born and raised in West Virginia to parents who loved jazz and soul, older siblings that were into the Motown-sound, and having a mother who sang lead in their church choir, exposed Jones to a variety of musical foundations as a child and before making her professional debut as a singer/songwriter in Seattle, WA.
With an MBA and a career in marketing, however, it wasn’t until she lost her mother to cancer that she felt drawn into the world of music. “I can only describe my beginnings in jazz as a time of missing my mom, missing hearing her voice singing around the house and wondering within myself if I could do that – if I could sing and carry on that part of her?”
With her original “A Good Day” downloaded more than 9,000 times critics and fans answer Jones query with a resounding, YES! As a national recording artist, Jones has self-produced two primarily original vocal jazz projects earning her ranking on Jazz Week Review top-50, #1 spots on CMJ charts, favorable reviews from Down Beat, Jazziz, All About Jazz, and numerous other industry mediums.

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