Dylan Welsh

Dylan WelshDylan Welsh is a professional freelance guitarist, arranger/composer, and music educator based in Seattle, WA. He has been performing actively since 2008, and does work for clients all over the world. With a resume stretching from Modern Country to Straight-Ahead Jazz, his skills as an improviser, reader, and listener allow him to operate in almost any stylistic idiom at will. Welsh is well trained, highly experienced, and incredibly adaptable, and is currently available for hire as a guitarist (live/studio), private guitar instructor, or arranger/copyist.
Welsh grew up in Seattle, WA, and while he was studying viola in school, he began cutting his teeth in local rock cover bands with other teenagers at age thirteen. By the Dylan Welshtime he was sixteen, he had already performed at some of the Northwest’s largest festivals, participated in two tours of the Midwest, and was the youngest player to have ever been accepted into the Seattle Rock Orchestra (at the request of founder Scott Teske himself). Upon graduating high school, Welsh moved to Boston to study jazz and world music at the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music.

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