COHO BandFormed under threat of tantrum when songstress Laura Germano heard twins Bradley and Shane Hayworth singing together through her dorm room walls, COHO has been perpetually evolving. Originally backed by two acoustics and a keyboard, the delicate four-part harmony signature to the COHO is the foundation for an ever-changing instrumental foundation- growing from each band members own experience and musical background. When Danny Giroux joined on standing drums, they became more tribal — when he grew tired of standing, and yelled until they allowed him to sit, the kick that accompanied the throne was a thunderously glorious addition. Bradley got a new keyboard and the synths grew forth an ethereal sunshine. With the addition of the band’s beloved electric guitarist and shy dreamboat,COHO Band Tommy Sandri, the final lineup was set, and thusly, COHO was borne unto the world. Their sound has grown along with the band; bigger, thunderously anthemic at times, while at others having a lace-like delicacy and basement vibes. Since selling out their debut EP release in Seattle’s Capital Hill, COHO has been lifted up and supported by a devoted throng of incredible fans and followers, all of whom are loved deeply.

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