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Cheryl SmithCheryl Specializes in recycled glass mosaic art. Her work can be found in homes and churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. A gifted artist and teacher, Cheryl works with churches and other groups to build their own creations. By leading teams of volunteers, people of all ages and artistic abilities can experience the pride and fellowship that comes with being a part of a large scale mosaic glass installation. On a smaller scale, Cheryl hosts classes for both children and adults. When not helping others find their inner artist, Cheryl also creates pieces for private clients. Mosaic glass can beautify any space in an infinite number of ways. Explore the galleries and visit Cheryl’s bio page to learn more.
A native of St. Louis, MO, Cheryl Smith has been creating mosaics & painting for more than 30 years. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in painting and drawing and is currently the Artist in Residence at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in Sammamish, WA. Initially she was a watercolorist, but her work has extended beyond the canvas.
Her mosaics & murals can be seen on walls in homes, doctor’s offices, churches and childcare centers throughout the Seattle and the Midwest areas. Cheryl Smith’s striking expression of color and personal designs enliven nurseries in the book, Sunset’s Ideas For Great Babies Rooms! As artist in Residence at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Cheryl has created her largest piece to date, a 200 square foot spiritual mosaic on the altar wall (reredos). Cheryl and the 30 artists she taught spent over 6000 hours bringing her abstract design to life. The spectrum of bold colors and shapes, mixed with the spiritualCheryl Smith movement and liturgical references draws the viewer in to get lost in a peaceful moment. Liturgical art is at the core of Cheryl’s creations.
Her connection between the Holy Spirit and her God’s given gifts of design drive her to create pieces that will move, inspire and connect her viewers. She has found through her mosaic cross classes that religious icons of any faith can bring communities together in fellowship and artistry. When she is not in Sammamish volunteering as a school art teacher or a member of the Commission on Liturgy & the Arts, Cheryl can be found teaching mosaic classes and creating large scale installations throughout the Puget Sound area.

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