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Brandon MarinoBrandon Marino is a Seattle based actor and martial artist. He’s done stage, film, television, industrial videos, and motion capture. He is trained at LAMDA, represented by TCM. Brandon was born in the UW Medical Center. Brandon was raised up a typical lad, aspiring to be a Batman/Power Ranger/Ninja Turtle when he “grew up”. This lead to Martial Arts at the ripe ole age of 7, which changed his life.
Fast-forward many years of blood, sweat, tears, flying kicks, backflips, and a 3rd Degree Black Belt, and Brandon decided to use his talents as a professional wrestler under the tutelage of Ring of Honor’s Davey Richards. He packed his bags for St. Louis, Missouri, and set upon a grand adventure. Unfortunately, being a turbo-ninja took it’s toll on Brandon’s knees, as one match he blew his ACL, andBrandon Marino had to put his wrasslin’ career on hold. In his off time after the injury and surgery, Brandon decided to try acting lessons and fell in love with the craft. A year of classes in StL, and Mr. Marino decided to re-pack his bags, and head back to the artistic metropolis of his homeland in 2011.
Soon thereafter, he decided to up his game further by training at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts with an emphasis on Shakespeare. Our story now converges with the present, and an intrepid young man chronicling his adventures in the third person. In an imaginary British accent and monocle, no less!

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