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Bandersnatch StudiosBandersnatch Studios offers a wide range of services, from character and creature design, to custom prosthetics, makeup effects, and prop fabrication. Whether your production is television, film, print, or if you are looking for a custom piece for your own collection, we have the facilities and skills to create what you need, and will work within your budget, large or small. We can design and fabricate a complete look for your project through makeup effects like blood and gore, ventilated hair pieces, age makeups and prosthetic application. Even if your project requires a less extreme look, and just need everyone to look their best, Bandersnatch Studios can help you bring your ideas to life.
Founded in 2010 by Shawn Shelton and Damon Vanhee, Bandersnatch Studios has rapidly become a “go-to” makeup, effects and fabrication shop in Seattle and the surrounding area. Through film, television, and new media, we are doing our best to raise the bar for what Seattle has to offer. Beyond the film scene, we have worked closely with SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) to host hands-on workshops for students interested in Makeup and Makeup Effects as a career or as a hobby. We have also hosted our own successful internship program since our founding. Bandersnatch StudiosAs our team and facilities grow Bandersnatch Studios will continue to provide what we do best; quality Makeup and Makeup Effects for the community and film industry, projects large and small, local and beyond.
Shawn Shelton
As youngster, Shawn became an obsessive fan of Lon Chaney Sr. and the classic Universal monsters. Once engaged in a professional career as a theatre actor at age 11 he wondered, “How do they create those amazing transformations for film?” and so began delving into the world of special effects makeup. Discovering somewhat ‘late-in-the-game’ that he could parlay his passion into a career in the film industry, he finally found several opportunities to work on short films, music videos and feature films Bandersnatch Studiosbeginning in 2003. He still enjoys pranking friends and family with makeup trickery.
Damon Vanhee
A graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Makeup Design program (’08) Damon has since been fortunate enough to work in the United States, Canada and New Zealand, including work on the Furious Film Making NZ 48 Film Fest, which earned a Best Makeup Award, as well as Audience Favorite in a nationally televised week long event. A founding member of Bandersnatch Studios, his skill set ranges from beauty, gore and prosthetics through mold making and hair piece construction. These skills have helped lead Bandersnatch to 2 IAWTV Award nominations. He hopes to one day punch a super villain in the mouth.

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