Adrienne Eliades

Adrienne EliadesAdrienne Eliades is a studio potter, workshop leader, and socially engaged artist currently living in Vancouver, Washington. Adrienne received her BA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Florida in 2016. She has been artist-in-residence at San Diego State University, Ash Street Project in Portland, Oregon, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, and The Bright Angle in Asheville, North Carolina . In her work she explores the aesthetics of design and social dining practice. Propelled by her research of 20th century domestic spaces, Adrienne reinvents midcentury patterns and construct social dining experiences.
My work blurs the lines among object making, presentation, and community engagement with handmade ceramics, emphasizing the connection to one other and the food we eat. Reinforcing the influence of routine and ritual as the thresholds of culture.Adrienne Eliades Beyond a domestic feature of private life, what we eat gives shape to our national and global cultures and identities. Food is an essential element of the human condition and has long been the inspiration for my art practice, focusing on mealtimes as social sites where tradition and innovation mix. From tableware to food specific presentation vessels, my ceramic work promotes the power of simple rituals that elevate the ordinary to the elegant.
Combined construction methods of wheel throwing, hand-building, and slip casting create streamlined forms with clean lines and gentle organic curves punctuated by asymmetry. The smooth surfaces alternate between gem-like areas of gloss, sugar-like satin matte glazes, and areas of color-stained raw porcelain. This trichotomy is inviting Adrienne Eliadesto both sight and touch. The surfaces are inspired by recurring motifs I observe in my environment. Patterns are all around us. Wallpaper, concrete screens, manhole covers, and security envelopes provide rich source materials reminiscent of the marks people make on the world. Based on a visual language of color, texture, and shape, rather than words, patterns can evoke emotional responses connected to memory.
Instinctively, humans translate and extrapolate patterns into their own interpretation. I harness the allure of the repeat pattern to captivate the user’s attention. Drawing on the comfort of regularity, I create areas of appeal with deviations in the visual motifs. Highlighting the desire for creating meaning in the mundane, my work celebrates the delicacy of being human. PorcelainAdrienne Eliades has an inherent suppleness, preciousness, and strength. Intricate baskets with articulated grid patterns cut into the form cultivate transparency and cast playful shadows in an otherwise dense material. Cream and sugar vessels convey the perfect pair they are meant to contain. Cookie racks with precarious configurations of extruded arcs or squiggles pair with milk bowls to reinvent snack-time. My design-focused functional tableware sets the stage for emphasizing delight in eating experiences.

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