Mack Grout has been performing as a professional jazz pianist for the last ten years. Born in 1985 in Seattle Washington, USA, Mack started studying music at the age of three. Studying classical piano seriously until age fourteen, he then became interested in jazz and blues music. In 2004 Mack won the National Louis Armstrong award, as well as scholarships to multiple schools including Berklee College of Music and Cornish College of the Arts.
In 2004 Mack started attending Cornish College of the Arts, where he majored in jazz piano performance and composition under his mentors, Dave Peck, Denney Goodhew, Chuck Deardorf and Jim Knapp. In 2008 Mack graduated magna cum laude and since has been working as a full time band leader, pianist, composer and instructor.
Mack has performed all around the United States in a large variety of bands, jazz and pop groups. He has performed internationally as a soloist and a band leader. Currently Mack is living and traveling internationally working with bands abroad and working on some new musical projects including his new trio, International Groove Unit.

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