Seattle’s only locally based Journey Tribute act, The Infinity Project, is a collection of long standing Seattle and L.A. musicians who have banded together to celebrate both the history and ongoing success of one of Rock ‘N Rolls greatest hit makers. Covering music from the bands conception straight through to recent hits and everything in between. Dedicated to bringing a high quality polished performance to the stage this is a show not to be missed. Whether your a long standing Journey fan or a new comer to their music there is something here for everyone. So join us for an evening of great memories and stellar hits. Featuring five seasoned professionals, The Infinity Project has the right mix of talent, energy and a love for Journey to make this one of the best tribute bands in the Country.
Randy Loran (lead vocals)
Randy, like most trained vocalist, has been performing since childhood. His early years consisted of multiple choirs, vocals ensembles, theater work and competitions. He graduated to fronting rock bands at the tender age of 16 and has continued to do so in multiple forms for over 20 years. An experienced studio and live performer Randy chose to develop his vocal chops even further at the Seattle based vocal program “The Vocalist Studio” in 2008 with coach Robert Lunte. During that process Randy chose to not only expand his own knowledge and craft but, also to help others learn to do so as well. Randy recently began working as a vocal coach in his own right and thoroughly enjoys the process of helping clients find and develop their skills as vocalists. Randy formed the The Infinity Project, Seattle’s Premier Journey Tribute act, in 2013.
Ken Scott (lead guitar)
Ken Scott has been a professional musician since graduating from Musician’s Institute in 1986. He is an avid guitar collector and luthier. He has contributed to the band’s artistic direction and graphic presentation. He grew up in the Bay Area when Journey was in their prime, and views Neal Schon as a major influence in his own development as a guitarist.
Dan Scott (bass guitar)
Dan Scott is a 40 year veteran in the business, born and raised in Aberdeen Washington. Grew up playing with musicians that later went on to form “Metal Church”. Toured with cover bands through the 80’s and 90’s, most recently played with “Tanks of Zen” an original act which produced a great record called “Love’s Gentle Maw”, with Nick Pollock of “My Sister’s Machine, Alice and Chains, and Soulbender” fame. Dan is a pro level musician, takes pride in his gear, appearance, and performance.
Jesse Smith (drums)
As a young child born and raised in Haledon, New Jersey, Jesse had an obsession for bashing on everything that he could (including his own head). By the age of eight Jesse had begun to focus his obsession on the drums. After a couple of drum lessons, playing in the school band and spending countless hours behind the kit, Jesse was introduced to the complexity and power of hard rock & heavy metal. When Jesse was 17 his family moved to the island of Kauai (in Hawaii) where Jesse would get a full time job, skateboard, and hone his drumming powers in his new out door shed (as well as work on his tan). Listening to such players as Steve Smith, Tommy Aldridge, Scott Travis, Nick Menza, Tommy Lee, Deen Castronovo and Blas Elias, Jesse had saved up enough money to buy his first double kick kit, and started jamming with some of his friends. By the age of 20 Jesse had moved to Seattle to pursue a career in music, and showcased his talents in miscellaneous bands such as Indika & This Damn Box but had yet to find musicians of his caliber. After many years of playing the Seattle scene, Jesse (answering a “drummer wanted” ad in the local music magazine) auditioned and joined the band Saqqara*. The chemistry was perfect from the first jam session, it was as if Jesse had been a member of the band his whole life. In October of ’98 the band headed to world famous London Bridge Studios where Jesse would complete his drum tracks for the ten-song Saqqara demo in a day and a half (as well as bust three brand new drum heads, two cymbals and countless sticks). Very technical and articulate, Jesse is one of the more creative players of today’s ROCK scene. Jesse’s combination of melodic tom phrasing, intricate cymbal work and raw power gives any band he plays in a unique rhythmic sound and brings the emotional intensity to a new level. Jesse’s drumming earned him a mention in the Dec. ’99 news section of Modern Drummer magazine. They also featured Jesse in the On The Move section (Feb. 2000) along with his stick company doing a quarter page ad featuring him. Fast forward a “few” years.. Jesse has now toured extensively with the now defunct band Fall From Grace.. They toured with the likes of Eve6, Saving Abel, Redlight King and Aranda. Jesse is now the proud member of The Infinity Project (Seattle’s Premier Journey Tribute Act) playing the parts of his heros and Agents of Chaos (a melodic hard rock project).. Still slamming his drums every time he plays like it might be his last time… And loving every second of it. Jesse’s endorsement roster includes the best in the industry Aquarian Accessories (Heads), SILVERFOX (Sticks), Slug Percussion Products (Bass Drum Beaters and Batter Badges), Kelly SHU (bass drum mic mounts) and Soultone Cymbals.

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