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Vaidehi ParekhVaidehi Creative Arts offers art instruction for children of all ages – from 5 to 105! We aim to inculcate the appreciation and love for the arts in all. Students learn the skills necessary to draw and paint, confidently progressing through increasingly more involved art concepts. Vaidehi Creative Arts is located in the Evergreen area of San Jose (California). Vaidehi Parekh, the lead instructor of Vaidehi Creative Arts is an accomplished artist specializing in oil paintings on canvas. Vaidehi’s inspiration is derived from the simplicity, elegance, and grace of the people of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the two Western states of India. Vaidehi has been painting for over 25 years and her art focuses on the rich cultural heritage of these two states. From the elegantly dressed royalty to the humble village folk amidst a rustic setting, Vaidehi depicts the folk culture of the different societies that co-exist in harmony. Vaidehi’s composition is simple but more direct, and the bright and vibrant colors are symbolic of the exuberant people. Her paintings are a celebration of life through color and form and express the preciousness of life’s ordinary moments, which are usually taken for granted. Vaidehi’s interests in art span far and wide and she is always keen to acquire new skills. Over the years Vaidehi has perfected her skills in a variety of art forms including Navajo sand art, Warli painting, charcoal and chalk drawings, silk paintings, calligraphy, and computer graphic design. Vaidehi deftly includes these various art skills in her instruction. Her motto is lifelong learning! She aspires to inculcate the appreciation and love of arts to all and want to inspire people to express themselves through their drawings and paintings. I grew up in the historic city of Ahmedabad in India. My grand-father was an accomplished artist. Ever since childhood I have been inspired by the cultural richness of the two Western states of India – Gujarat and Rajasthan. I learned to paint from my grand-father and then honed my skills under the watchful eyes of my art teacher – Mr. Babubhai Patel. Through my paintings, I Print Stopattempt to capture the rich colors of life from the aristocracy to the humble village folks and from the revered Gods and Goddesses of India to mother nature’s beauty. Over the years I have learned several other art forms including navajo sand art, warli paintings, charcoal and chalk drawings, silk paintings, calligraphy, and computer graphic design. I have a BCom and MCom in Accountancy and Auditing and a LLB in Tax Laws from Gujarat University. I have completed a certificate of achievement and a certificate of proficiency in Graphic Design from DeAnza College, Cupertino. I live in San Jose, California with my husband – Rajesh Parekh and our two beautiful children Jash and Nidhi.

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