Till I Fall

Till I Fall is an Alternative/Pop-Rock band based out of San Jose, CA. Formed in 2011 by Brandon Leland, TiF has been actively touring and releasing music through the independent circuit, allowing collaboration with multiple musicians and songwriters over the years, producing 3 EP’s, 1 LP, and a single. After the bands 2014 release of “Lessons”, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Zax Avila joined the trio, adding to the creative process and expansion of the brand. Amidst the bands process of writing and preparing for the 2017 Self Titled release, along with a restructuring of the rhythm section came a change of writing roles, allowing opportunity for primary collaboration between Avila and Leland. Our most notable shows include sharing the stage with Puddle Of Mudd, Stickup Kid, Unwritten Law, Anarbor, Forever Came Calling ,You, Me, and Everyone We Know and Sundressed.

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