The Infamous Swanks

The Infamous Swanks are a high energy, fast paced rockabilly trio from Northern CA. With the revival of all things early Americana, the 50’s and early 60’s culture has made a large resurgence into the modern era, bringing rockabilly music with it. The Infamous Swanks represents this revival of attitude and sound that encapsulates all that is traditional as well as new about this celebrated style. Writing the soundtrack of this resurgence, and playing together since 2005, The Swanks have extensive road and tour experience, and they bring a unique swagger to the thing they love most, making the people dance and dishing out only the very best musical performances and stage presence! Setting forth on a rock’n’roll journey, Brandyn Williams birthed the band in 2005, desiring to make a lifelong dream of entertaining anyone and everyone with music and showmanship a reality. Born in Hayward, CA. and raised all over the state, he came from a musicians’ household. Brandyn’s Dad conquering all Brass instruments, and his mom on majority of the Woodwind instruments, they playing in a various number of swing, show, and jazz bands, letting Brandyn have no real choice but to spend a life in music. Starting in choir and on piano at age 6, and joining Marching, Concert and Jazz Band on Saxophone and Oboe at age 10, he had found the one true love in his life and decided to make music his bottom line. Picking up the guitar at age 13, Brandyn was held up with a broken leg while his mother taught him how to do a little chicken picking, starting him on songs such as; Delta Dawn, Big Bad Leroy Brown, and Dead Man’s Chest. Struggling through school, his only interests were in music. Starting his first Punk Rock band at age 14, brought Brandyn to a whole new level of Musical Entertainment. Playing Punk all through high school, he soon started dabbling more and more with the style of music he held the highest, Rockabilly. Writing many songs, some of which you hear today, and co-writing a slim few that are a part of the bands arsenal, he provides the Swanks with material that is best suited for the band. Leading into 2005, Brandyn launched the project into the mercy of the public, sparking the beginning of The Infamous Swanks. Within the fallowing four years, the musician changes continued to “knead out” towards the right direction. In 2009, the perfect formula started to make its presence known with the addition of Paul Johnson, from Sacramento, CA. Introducing a certain sense of awe that lifted Brandyn’s confidence of the potential reality of this project’s chances of succeeding. Paul’s musical background started at a very early point in his life, owning his first Tupperware drum set before the age of 2. Born in a family whose musical backgrounds consisted of all rock’n’roll of the 70s and 80s, Paul had a heavy influence in bands such as KISS, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen, provided by his parents. By the age of 5, he was drumming along with recordings of KISS, and in the process broke through the bottoms of his “drum set.” At age 10, he received his first life-size drum set from his father, allowing him to immediately broaden his skills and hunger in playing music. By age 15, he had started his first band in High School, and had upgraded his setup to the kit he uses to this day. With the heavy help from the discipline and teachings on 1st Bass and 2nd chair Snare in his high school’s Marching Band, his knowledge and respect of music continued to broaden. By the end of High School, he had pushed his drumming limits to correctly playing along with; Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Slipknot, and every single KISS album. With his high school and thrash bands not working out, Paul sought after a more realistic, initiative-driven group. With the help of his mom, who works with Brandyn’s Father, the word of Paul’s seeking a new musical venture caught wind of Brandyn’s ear. Applying everything he’s learned from his life of drumming, Paul provides a flare and intensity that is scarcely seen in Rockabilly music. Nick Chacon, the latest entry to The Infamous Swanks, joined in August of 2010. He was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. and having the latest start with his musical journey, at the age of 16 with his first, Dean E-Bass. Always being a fan of early rock and roll, Nick always pondered purchasing an upright. Finally in 2007 he was able to get his hands on his very own doghouse bass. Being how he had no one to turn to for lessons or help, he had to teach himself everything he knows and is always ready to learn more. Learning the art of the double bass, Nick studied the techniques of Scott Owen of the Living End, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, Bill Black from early Elvis records, and Jimbo Wallace of Reverend Horton Heat. Playing till his figures bled, Nick found his love and passion for mastering the Upright Bass. After his departure from his first band, which he joined in 2007, he took some time off from live entertainment to further his studies and progress as a musician. In July of 2010, Brandyn had hunted him down, searching all of the music stores in the greater Sacramento area, asking everyone and anyone of a bassist, in hopes to find a hidden talent that’s not known in the lime light of the scene. After coming to a few band rehearsals, Nick knew he was ready to return to the stage. Bringing a creative business mind, a fun and positive attitude, along with the desire to push the project to a whole new level, Nick secured his position as a valuable member of The Infamous Swanks. This rockin’ three-some pushes to exceed the limits of musical entertainment and performance, with anything from popular covers to revved-up originals. The Infamous Swanks provide terrific entertainment to any crowd, any venue, and for any age.

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