Tatiana Werya

Tatiana Werya is an international award – winning belly dancer based in Bay Area works every day to fulfill the highest expression of herself as a human being and an artist. She was born to be on stage, starting as a soloist of the choir, traveling across Russia and then as an independent singer with her own music band and then switched to a dance career from hip hop dancer to a full time belly dancer. Now she already has a resumé most seasoned pros would covet, peppered with competition titles, choreography credits, and even the co-founding of a dance festival. Now, Tatiana can add Nile Group Festival in Egypt folklore category winner 2018 to that impressive list of accomplishments. She is one of the acclaimed belly dance instructor in Bay Area. And with every gig she lands, Tatiana is challenging some of the dance world’s longest-held biases. She can fuse oriental and folklore in a brilliant way thanks to her impressive musicality, but it’s her joy that makes her a real standout. You feel it with every step: Dance isn’t just Tatiana’s passion. It’s her life.

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