Steven Cotton

I believe that there is much more to a Photographer than the pictures they take. How they see the world, how they interact with and relate to their clients, and their perspective on it all is what makes them unique. Simply put, my wife and my daughter are my entire world. My marriage in 2011 was the funnest day of my life; and the birth of our daughter in 2014 was the best day of my life. There are certain things in life that you have to experience first hand, in order to fully understand them. At 30 years old, I felt like I had a pretty good understanding on the world, how it works – but having a baby shook up my whole understanding and perspective on life. Seeing my wife go through the maternity process was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen; and I take the fondness of this time in my life into each maternity session I shoot… becoming a father is the most rewarding yet challenging journey of my life. I’m constantly amazed at how fast my daughter has “grown up,” and how such a little person can reshape how you see everything. I think she is the most special, most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on; and I know that if you have children – you think the same about yours! I look at Brides walking down the aisle and I picture my daughter in them. I see fathers take part in father-daughter dances, and I cannot help but envision myself in their shoes. I feel a sense of connection with each-and-every couple that I take wedding pictures of. These connections and the relationships that I have built over the years are the two main reasons why I chose to turn my passion for photography into my full-time job. I learn something new from each person that I have the opportunity to photograph and I appreciate all of the clients that have supported my business and have helped me grow as a Photographer. I’m truly blessed to do something that I love and to see some of the most beautiful moments and capture them with my camera.

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