Robert Vye

“Who on earth is Robert Vye?”, you might wonder. He hadn’t gigged or toured, has no CDs for sale. He does not even busk on the street or play at farmer’s markets. Vye mostly stayed home to play his guitar, and enjoyed a somewhat normal life style for most of his life. Vye picked up the guitar at the age of nine being influenced by Jimi Hendrix, & at the age of thirteen started gigging in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. In Vye’s early 20’s he walked away from gigging, to pursue work as a hired studio hand for many producers around the Bay Area. Vye decided at age 25 to stop playing the electric guitar, preferring to concentrate on the classical guitar. An analysis of his repertoire reveals a wide range of interests. It spanned all the idioms of music. Reflected in his playing style, which shows a fusion of harmonies and classical guitar technique, with a very articulate right hand. In solo guitar music, he is quite proficient in the works of Baden Powell, Tárrega, Bach, to Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, & Rev. Gary Davis to name a few. Some folks are content just to stay home and play music for its own sake. Vye, self taught had been content with studding and playing for friends and family. Until recently, when tragedy struck Vye’s life.
April 1st 2015 Vye lost his long time partner Roxsand Ceillo to suicide. Profoundly affected by his loss, combined with losing his job, & being in financial ruine by Roxsands passing, turned to music for salvation. Vye set out with nothing more but his guitar, & his trusty dog Gypsy to find anywhere to play & where he would find reason in life again by performing old country blues, and gospel standards with such emotion that will make you feel you’re standing in a Mississippi juke joint in the mid 1920’s. Vye was discovered by the Bay Area’s own blues harmonica legend Aki Kumar. Aki invited Vye to join him to a local show and introduced Vye’s country blues to the Bay Area’s world class blues community. January 2016 Vye started to work on his debut album, “Hell Bent on Glory”. No release date has been set as of yet, Working along side seasoned bassist Vance Ehlers, Vye has embraced a new life as a full time musician.

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