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My name is Oksana Yatsevska. I am an interior designer, and I’ve been working in this field for over 17 years. I grew up in a family of architects. My father is an architect with a perfect sense of style and my grandfather was an engineer, so architecture and design have been in my blood since childhood. I started to help my father with architectural and design projects when I was 18. I received my architectural degree from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in Ukraine. Then, I worked for a few architectural and building companies where I gained experience in public and apartment building designs. I also spent time designing the interiors of shops, offices, trade centers, cafes, and private residences in Ukraine. I visited many architectural and design exhibitions held in Ukraine and different countries. The EXPO 2010 in Shanghai was one of the largest exhibitions. Every new city I visited inspires me to create new and interesting designs. When I moved to California in 2015, this beautiful place and people encouraged me to chose the one direction in my career, residential design. Also, I made a decision to concentrate on modern and contemporary styles only, which has helped me a lot to enjoy what I do. 🙂 I opened my own studio, Design 4 Bay Area, and for almost 5 years, my team and I have been helping families to create the homes of their dreams. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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