Matthew Heimgartner

I have always let my imagination get the best of me, for better or for worse. Even as a child, when all of the other kids were playing sports, video games or reading books, I voluntarily spent my time writing and drawing. At seven-years-old, I created Jeanene Carols and Antinda Heim — two pop star best friends. Through my childhood and adolescence, I expanded their world by giving them families, colleagues, and complete background stories. My early undergraduate studies at West Valley Community College and San Jose State University were devoted to English, with the intention to teach at high school level and to write novels on the side. Near the end of my undergraduate studies, I changed my mind. My minor, Art, had consumed me. In 2017, I exhibited my debut solo Art Show, The Life of Antinda, which combined both of my passions — writing and drawing. With seven one-page short stories and six 9? x 14? colored pencil drawings, I told the story of a character that I spent nearly two decades creating. I am in the process of turning The Life of Antinda into a full-length novel. Several of my short stories (which are not related to Antinda and Jeanene), have been published in the online literary journal, Defiant Scribe. Since my debut Art show, I have been a part of many Art shows throughout California’s Bay Area, both in solitude and in a group. I have expanded my topics of interest to more personal reflections on my sobriety and struggles with anxiety and depression. In February 2018, I became a Resident Artist in San Jose’s Kaleid Gallery.

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