Marla Miller

I grew up in the Midwest, and also had the opportunity to live on the East Coast. However, the Bay Area is my favorite place to live, (since 1999), and I consider it home. My passion for photography began in high school. I have always felt compelled to pick up any camera (even a disposable Kodak on the table at a wedding) and capture fun or important moments. I feel like those special moments are fleeting, and if I do not capture it on film, I will never be able to relive it, or describe it accurately to someone else. After taking classes and setting up a darkroom in my first apartment, I began to ask friends to sit for portraits. I discovered the joy of being behind the camera back then, and have grown my skills and passion ever since! I established Marla Miller Photography in 2012. I think of myself as a fun, playful and easy-going kind of photographer who likes to interact in an open, honest, authentic way. My clients say I have a subtle and relaxed approach. When working with clients, my goal is to help them feel like they can trust me, and that I will capture the perfect image that will be cherished for a lifetime. As they say, “A moment is a moment, but a picture lasts a lifetime.” I want to be the one taking that picture.

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