Los Tigres del Norte

The history of Los Tigres del Norte begins in Rosa Morada, receivership of the municipality of Mocorito, state of Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1968, when Jorge, the eldest of the Hernández Angulo family, convinces his brothers Raúl, Hernán and his cousin Óscar to form a group. At that time Jorge was only 14 years old. The precarious economic situation of the family forced everyone to contribute. Their first jobs are found in the nearby city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, where they played in restaurants. Shortly afterwards they decide to move to the border city of Mexicali, Baja California. One day, when Jorge was already 22 years old, they were hired to play in San José, California, during the May 5 celebrations. It was his first trip to the United States; when crossing the border, an immigration agent asked them for the name of the group, which did not yet exist; The officer, seeing them so young, called them: little tigers (“tigrillos”), but then told them they would grow up, so he named them Los Tigres del Norte. When they arrived in San José, they were heard by an Englishman named Arthur Walker who, despite not speaking Spanish, gave them the opportunity to record an album. He bought them instruments and gave them music lessons. That same year they recorded their first album, so they decided to set up residence in San José, until today. This album was known as “Juana La traicionera” / “For the love of my sons”, the first album released by Los Tigres Del Norte. But success did not come suddenly. They recorded four discs without major repercussion; Before recording the fifth, in 1973, “Contrabando y traición”, which would lead them to fame, the saxophonist Guadalupe Olivo, originally from San Luis Potosí (Mexico), joined the group. The training continued like this until 1988 when, due to health problems, Guadalupe had to leave the group. The last album in which Olivo participated before leaving the group was Ídolos del pueblo. To replace him, nobody better than someone from the family, so in that same year it was his brother Eduardo who joined the group, after belonging to a group of his late wife Chabela and his Grupo Express, where he played keyboards and was the second voice. In 1995, Raúl decided to leave the group and go solo. As he mentions, their separation was not caused by any disagreement, but only by the concern to assert himself and try his luck alone. Again they turn to a family member, and it is Luis, the younger brother, who joins the group in 1996. The first recording in which he would take part was Unidos para siempre. On that album, Guadalupe Olivo met again with the group, but again his health problems forced him to leave after the recording of four albums. The group ensures that as soon as he recovers he will be part of it again. During their more than 44 years of career they have recorded more than 55 albums, with more than 700 songs, they have sold more than 30 million copies, with 140 platinum, 135 gold and 1 diamond discs. In addition, they have participated in more than 16 films, they have been nominated 15 times for the Grammy Awards, which they won in 1987 for their recording America without borders, and they have participated with different musicians of very varied genres, as is the case in 2002, where they collaborated with Jaguares in the recording of the song Detrás de los cerros, for their album El primer instinto. In 1993 they achieved a record attendance when they managed to gather more than 200,000 people in a concert held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Parallel to its musical activities, the group created the Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, whose headquarters are on the campus of the University of California in Los Angeles, destined to contribute to the conservation and defense of the Mexican heritage and tradition in the United States. United. For their social work they have been deserving of various awards.

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