Long Train Runnin’

Long Train Runnin’ is a group of talented musicians who perform classic Doobie Brothers songs with the energy of a live concert. Like the Doobies, LTR hails from San Jose and the hills above Santa Cruz. A Long Train performance launches you on a roller coaster ride down Memory Lane. And just as you settle into the 70s and 80s, LTR rocks you right back to the present with an eclectic mix of tracks from other modern artists. With two drummers, three guitarists, two keyboards, a sax and six vocalists, LTR’s music is precise, full-bodied and rockin’. The professional polish of the band is rooted in four decades of playing rock, funk, soul and pop together in the very best Bay Area cover bands. The reason Long Train sounds like they’ve been making music together forever, it’s because they have. If classic rock is your drink of choice, you’ve come to the right place.
Mark Belshaw
Mark has toured all over the U.S., Canada and Asia and is known for his searing sax solos that he often plays in the middle of the dance floor. A truly versatile music professional, Mark uses the magic of brass, steel, silver, reed and circuitry to add depth, drama and drive to Long Train’s authentic sound.
John Mallare
John’s extensive experience in live and studio performance gives him a professional polish that has carried through his long and distinguished musical career. His precise guitar riffs and soulful voice are ever-present in Long Train music.
Harold Martin
Harold’s rock-solid bass guitar provides a pulsating rhythm that is the heartbeat of Long Train Runnin’. His sonorous tones make Harold’s huge army of dedicated fans dance deep into the night and come back for more.
Andy Morales
Andy is an amazing singer and drummer who has played with members of Santana, Sly And The Family Stone, Malo and other world-famous acts. Andy’s inspired vocals and percussion, and his knowledge of decades of music make him one of the most sought-after musicians in Northern California.
Dave Petrucci
Dave’s lead guitar keeps pace with the very best in the music business and is featured in many Long Train numbers. Whether he’s ticklin’ strings or ivories–and whether the moment is rooted in rock, jazz or blues–Dave is always ready to dazzle you with a solo, a smile and sweet vocals.
Andy Thrall
Andy has studied with Narada Michael Walden and toured the country playing a variety of musical styles. His uncanny sense of timing and dynamics and his constant upbeat style provide an energy and heartbeat that make LTR’s rhythm section down-right scary.

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