Life Size Models

Life Size Models is an alternative rock outfit from San Jose, CA. LSM consists of Chris Seymour (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jon Sosa (lead guitar/vocals), Anthony Martos (bass/vocals), Stephen Seymour (rhythm guitar), and Chris Denn (percussion). Forming in late 2013 as an outlet for dealing with college hardships, anxiety, and growing pains, lead songwriter and singer (Chris Seymour) worked with various talented musicians in order to craft a substantial collection of songs. In 2015, LSM released a uniquely self-confident, inviting, catchy debut EP titled “Burden of Youth” containing 5 songs ranging in diversity from a summertime drive down the coast to the last drive back home after a particularly painful break-up. In late 2017, LSM released their sophomore EP, “Homemade” – a completely self-produced and cohesive group of melodic and hard hitting singles that solidified the band’s sound – to critical acclaim. In 2018 Life Size Models released their first live album recording titled “Live at Art Boutiki Music Hall” which showcased their incredibly tight, powerful, and cathartic live experience.

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