Karie Hillery

International recording artist Karie Hillery has a vision for a better world. A life’s journey of challenges, triumphs, love and loss has carved a place where moving music grows and spills forth to fill a need that all humans have inside. The place where shadow meets light and hope is born anew. Karie’s gift is the joyful abandon in her musical expression, the bubbly enthusiasm for healing that sings itself through her songs and keyboard artistry. Karie embodies a deep love and respect for all living things and the message in her music inspires others to find the song within them, whatever its outward manifestation. Karie’s voice is soothing, but not sleepy. It is rich and full of life’s emotion. You cannot hear her without being moved, touched and up lifted. Gentle, inspiring, powerful or silly, her spirit shines forth, pulling the listener deeper into their own heart and hers. Karie’s songs let you know that you are not alone in your journey through life’s dreams, hopes, and challenges. With six independently produced CDs – pop music that blends many genres – Karie shares her original music and messages of love and empowerment throughout the world with live performances and on internet radio. As a solo artist or with her exceptional band, Karie lives to perform, enjoying audiences of all ages and cultures, at venues large and small including art and music festivals, county fairs, gallery openings, churches, house concerts, senior centers, farmers markets, coffeehouses, motivational seminars, retreats, conferences and benefits. Karie’s musical gifts have been used in support of a myriad of causes including saving the ancient redwood forests of Northern California, environmental causes, honoring hospice workers and those grieving loss, and promoting peace and non-violence in families, neighborhoods and around the world. The magic is the music and the music is what carries us forever forward on our journey to create a more peaceful and loving world.

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