Hilary Davidson

As an interdisciplinary artist, it seems like I’ve studied everything from visual to performing arts. I started out taking dance classes, music theory, and doing theatre productions in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, which sparked an endless desire to pursue creative outlets. After moving to the Bay Area I received my degree in Fashion Design and worked in the garment industry for 4 years as a technical designer and patternmaker. While in San Francisco, I broadened my interest in dance to include Cuban salsa. I also expanded my love for music by learning songwriting, piano, and taking voice lessons. Since I’ve always wanted to keep striving for something larger, I’ve never let go of other interests like photography, design, and business and studied these fields at Foothill College. Now in the South Bay for 5 years, I have experience as the band leader of a group called Lucky Suits, and most recently, involvement with short film and television projects. I’ve gone full circle in my artistic journey and am focusing on film – a medium that can capture all of the art forms into one. I’ve found great joy in screen writing, acting and directing… and all of the nitty gritty in between. I currently work full time in marketing while continuing to develop my craft. I hope you enjoy the videos and projects below!

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