Havish Ravipati

Havish RavipatiIt was during second grade when Havish Ravipati developed an interest in acting. His class was performing “Sleeping Beauty” and the teacher asked who wanted to play the Prince. Deciding to take a chance, he raised his hand; he had so much fun wearing a cape and pretending to be “a man of high stature”. This was when he realized he’d like to do this for a career someday. Years later, at the end of his high school, he became good friends with a budding film student. After acting in a short film for his new friend’s senior-year English project, Havish became interested in studying the craft.
He took classes at De Anza College, acted in student films and soon graduated from San Jose State University with a Minor in Theatre Arts. A few years later and he’s acted in everything from films (features and shorts), theater, commercials, print advertisements and music videos. There’s been many obstacles in the way, but his acting opportunities are blossoming more and more with each passing year. He does this for the purpose of creating, telling a story, discovering himself and to have fun. He is always striving to learn new things, and is hope to realize his full potential.

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