Gary Parker

Award-Winning Advertising Pet Industry Photographer Gary Parker draws heavily upon a natural energy which evokes a special response from his subjects be they cool cats or hot dogs with or without their humans, in any imaginable environment. As an experienced artist, either using his keen perception of existing light – or creating large productions with 30 strobes – Gary is uniquely qualified be it in studio, on location or in your backyard. Whether capturing Photojournalistic moments or producing imagery precisely to Ad agency composites, Gary’s whimsical and poignant photographs of cats and dogs always yields ecstatic response from clients. Equally as important, Gary loves to shoot local pets. Gary attained this high level of acclaim in the photography field due to his habit of photographing every cat, dog and critter that ever crossed his path, just for fun… Gary’s portfolios feature National Ad and packaging campaigns for the world’s largest pet product companies and ad agencies as well as local cats and dogs and their families.

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