Fernando and Breanne Rojas

Fernando and Breanne RojasWe are a newly established San Jose Wedding Photographer serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and specializing in Wedding and Engagement Photography. We are a husband and wife team, pursuing our passion for photographing life’s biggest moments. Fernando is the photographer and Breanne is the coordinator and designer. We have been married for six years and have two awesome kids. We love to photograph weddings because weddings bring out some of the best moments in life. Family and friends from all over come together to celebrate their relationships with the bride and groom and the bride and groom’s newly formed relationship with one another. It’s that love, joy, and laughter that makes for some of the best photography. “Vivo” from Latin to describe something “Full of Life”, “Vivid”, and “Brilliant” perfectly represents our style of wedding photography. At Vivo Photography, we are passionate about artfully Capturing the Emotion in each moment of your Wedding Day and preserving them in Vibrant, Timeless, Captivating Images. We take a candid, storytelling approach with our photography and focus on capturing the emotion of the day. We preserve your most important memories in vibrant, true to life photographs. The best shots are the candid, un-posed, genuine moments of your wedding day such as the tears of joy in mom and dad’s eyes, the laughter of good friends having the time of their life, and the love and excitement in the faces of the newly wed bride and groom. We strive to capture these moments throughout the day naturally and unobtrusively with minimal posing. However, we also believe that a good balance of posed portraits of the Bride and Groom, Bridal Party, and Family help to tell the complete story of your Wedding Day.

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