Denise Berry

Denise BerryDenise Berry has been featured on ABC News, Central Coast News, in newspapers, magazines, radio, and a music video. Denise is the first ever Iraq war veteran to compete for Miss California. She served her country in the United States Army for six years as a sergeant and combat medic. Denise graduated with a degree in international business and wants to go on to receive her MBA.
After the pageant Denise started her first radio show with her business partner in Hollywood with Global Voice Broadcasting called “Living Fancy”. She continued her career in entertainment getting signed to Patricia Rile Talent as a commercial actor. She has been in several movies and was currently just in ‘Punch Me Hard’. Acting, singing, and dancing have always been a life long passion for Denise. In 2012 Denise started her very own radio/ video show/ blog called “Living Dee Life” where she currently interviews/ blogs about fashion, musical artists, and much more! She blogs, writes screen plays, poetry, and more. Currently Denise Berry is working on her music which she wrote.
The beats and mastering were done by Dublin Beats in San Jose, CA. She is shooting her first music video in Detroit, MI for her single ‘Masquerade’. It premieres May 2014.

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