Cherie Rose

Cherie RoseCherie Rose has been exploring her creativity since she began her business as a paper hanger in 1982. Her first store, The Hang-Ups, was located in Willow Glen and opened in 1985. It was a home decorating center and offered flooring, window treatments, along with wallpaper, paint, tile, and stone. That same year she became a licensed general contractor. Her capabilities expanded considerably when she became a certified interior designer in 1990. Her second store, The Rose Collection, opened in 1995 in downtown Los Gatos and features an impressive selection of elegant and distinctive home furnishings. A combination of luxurious fabrics, bedding, draperies and eclectic accessories from throughout the world are among the unique items available at this store. Cherie took office, January 1st, 2013 as president of National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA a 94-year-old national trade organization serving home furnishings retailers in all 50 states, Canada and abroad).
Cherie is the third woman to hold NHFA’s top elected office, has served on NHFA’s board and executive committee since 2000 and has been an NHFA officer for the past three years. She is a licensed interior designer, retailer, general contractor and entrepreneur who started her business in 1991 and has excelled in growing it into a high-end retail design business and general construction company specializing in interior remodeling.

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