Barbara Bailey-Porter

Barbara works in a variety of media and subject, but is primarily a landscape oil painter. She works en plein air, loosely interpreting the landscape around her in a spontaneous reaction to her environment. She works quickly and says “The initial instinctual reaction of what I see and feel is what I try to capture within the first half hour of painting. I think in terms of abstract shapes, placing them together to make a loose respresentation of form and movement.” Bailey-Porter searches for a dramatic light in her compositions whether she is painting landscapes en plein air, still lifes in her studio, or working from a model. Most recently Barbara has been awarded the Plein Air Painters of America Scholarship Award for her painting “Four At Rest” and an award of merit for “City Light” from the American Women Artist’s Fifth Annual Competition Exhibit at Columbine Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Barbara currently teaches oil painting in Santa Cruz, and occasionally in San Jose, California. She is a fifth generation Californian, lives in Santa Cruz and paints on location in numerous sites, including the Pacific Coast, Sierra Mountains, southwest states and Mexico.

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