Andrea Dawn

Andrea Dawn is a Bay Area artist, who was born and raised in San Jose, California. Her love for art started as a child when she discovered the paintings hanging in her grandparent’s home were painted by her grandfather. Every visit, she would spend hours staring in awe at his seascape paintings examining every color and all the precious detail. In her early years, she would dabble in creating colorful art herself but found more interest in other childhood activities. It was not until Andrea took a basic drawing class at Foothill Community College in 2007 she learned she had a talent for visual arts. After being surprised by her drawings, she tried a painting class and was immediately in love! At the end of that class, her final painting was exhibited in the student art show. It was that moment she decided painting was what she wanted to do for a living. Andrea found herself in one more painting class, but she soon decided to lead the way of her own journey without further instruction. Andrea Dawn knew from the beginning she loved to paint flowers. She sees only joy in every flower, and she truly believes flowers are the way the Earth laughs. She loves to paint them larger than life, while dancing between realism and abstraction. With nature as her inspiration and recycled wood as her material of choice, Andrea began painting the grain of the wood. The unique shapes, colors and patterns of the wood grain are followed to create what Andrea sees in them – from the sky and clouds to mountains and water. She finds nature already provides us with scores of calming patterns, so she emphasizes them with colors! Once Andrea began living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, her way of painting evolved into Earth Friendly Art. She wanted every aspect, from her personal life to her work life, to be in alignment with her personal morals. She now paints on only recycled materials, which helps reduce waste. Her oil paints are mixed by hand and made from sustainably sourced pigments, which are also vegan, non-toxic and are healthier for the environment. Her goal is to do no harm to the Earth and all its plants and animals we coexist with, all while being able to share her heart, vision and gift with others.

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