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All City EliteAll City Elite, A.C.E.s as it is commonly referred to, is a collaboration between various Bay Area recording artists and musicians who were looking to create an exciting new sound, with broad appeal, but without being confined by specific genre trappings. This, along with an energetic stage performance and a strong focus on the digital distribution of their media, has already led to an impressive fan turn-out and overwhelming support from friends, family, and colleagues alike. Stemming from their diverse musical backgrounds, and by featuring a host of special guest appearances and contributions from some of the scene’s most recognizable acts, A.C.E.s’ style could be considered broadly hip-hop, but with a large number of other influences including alternative rock, electronica, dubstep, r&b, and pop. The end result is a journey through all that there is to love about the music of our generation. Dubbed a “local supergroup” by Metro Newspaper, A.C.E. released their first album Just Listen in June 2011, which features some legendary Bay Area musicians on guest vocals, including Kung Fu Vampire, Esik, Motion Man, and Kinetic Source. The band has shared the stage with Hed PE, Filter, and Kottonmouth Kings, made the finals in theDAS Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands in 2012 (Top 3 out of 300), and have a dub-step version of their single “Wake Up Fall” available in the Rock Band download network. The talent of A.C.E. is undeniable; between all the members past projects, they’ve shared the stage with Alien Ant Farm, Clutch, Deftones, Fungo Mungo, Incubus, Insolence, MIRV, Papa Roach, Salmon, Sevendust, and Testament. DJ-Cue has opened for DJ Dan, Mark Farina, Helicopter Showdown, and Bad Boy Bill, playing well-known clubs like 1015 Folsom, Mighty, Ruby Skye, and Studio 8. Casey has vocals featured in Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution Remix, and Rock Band, as well as writing and performing “Sun Light” for the Independent film Blood Storm. One can only imagine what feats this band will achieve together!

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