AdrianaBorn and raised in California, Adriana has been dancing professionally for 10 years. After many years of ballet and jazzclasses, she began exploring the movement and musicality of latin, brazilian, and middle eastern styles of dance. Today, she is an avid student of all styles of dance and has shared her knowledge as a teacher with a strong foundation of core movement, foundation and musical interpretation.
Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Adriana performs at Persian, Indian and Arabic nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area and in tours through out the U.S., teaching Brazilian, belly dance, and the “art of make up” workshops. She is available for booking performances, workshops, lectures, and events, locally as well as nationally and overseas. Adriana can also be found teaching belly dance classes and performing throughout Marin County, the East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, the Peninsula, and the Silicon Valley.Kondrya
Send an email to be added to contact list for announcements regarding public shows as well as fun dance and cultural events in the area. Belly Dance A to Z can also supply premier entertainment nationwide including: belly dancers, circus acts, fire dancers, and ethnic folk shows from around the world. Adriana and her stunningly talented dance partner Zari ( can assist with a variety of programs for many special events: Wedding celebrations, corporate events, cultural festivals, fairs, and shows overseas. Live music accompaniment is available upon request. All performers travel with a companion for security.

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