Sabreena Haque

Born in America and raised in a traditional South Asian household, Sabreena Haque is a versatile artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her understanding, appreciation and fascination of cultures from around the world have influenced her in her many skills and avocations. As a young girl, she travelled regularly to Pakistan with her family, where she began to see the practice of ancient customs and traditions. With seven Aunties as her guide, she began as an apprentice to the beauty and grace of womanly arts. She was introduced to the Art of Mehndi at age 12, at her eldest brothers wedding, meeting a new sister-in-law fully adorned with intricate henna designs. This struck her interest as a way to share her culture with others. She started to study how to mix the paste, create the implements, and learn to apply henna with a steady hand, methodical eye, and creative vision. Sabreena continues to evolve as an artist, practicing the arts of serving and beautifying. She is in increasing demand as a professional mehndi/henna artist for weddings, corporate events, and individual expression. She is known for her unique tea service she brings to special events, and for preparing the nuanced and flavorful cuisine of her ancestors. Despite her respect for the past, Sabreena remains firmly rooted in modern life. She is able to fuse her respect for ancient teachings with an innovative, modern approach a career spent in service of others. Sabreena is a well-respected artist and member of multiple communities. Her passion for creativity, community involvement, and worldly rituals brings her to many locations around the world. Her skill and passion continue to evolve and expand as her talents become even better known.

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