Margot Reisner

Margot ReisnerMargot Reisner is a natural chef, environmental educator, permaculture designer and potter native to Northern California. She has intimate experience with chronic illness and has seen how food can cause or cure disease. Margot studied sustainable food systems as an Environmental Studies major at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs New York, lived on a permaculture farm in Bolinas, CA and researched natural healing modalities after her personal journey with digestive disorders, chronic infection and toxic exposure. She attended culinary school at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA and currently teaches gardening, ecology and nutritional cooking to kids and adults of all ages from all backgrounds.
As a self-proclaimed farmacist, Margot’s specialties range from farm-to-table cuisine and allergen free cooking, to wheel thrown ceramics, natural medicine making, clean living and environmental education. Her food philosophy goes beyond eating and permeates through her entire life. Her goal is to embody ecological equilibrium by having a hand in everything that she consumes.
Growing up in the Bay, Margot spent most of her life outdoors so she is inspired by the ocean, redwood trees, the moon, honeycomb and all things earthly. Her work is playful and creative and she is always exploring ways to make unique functional shapes out of clay.

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