Jesús Nuñez

Jesús Nuñez is a Mexican visual artist who came to California at the age of 14. Up until that age, he had only used pencil and paper to draw, but that changed when a friend introduced him to Hijos Del Sol, directed by José Ortiz, a recognized art teacher and muralist in the Central Coast. With José’s guidance, Jesús learned to use oil on canvas and this quickly became his favorite medium because of the ease of blending. In 2016, Jesús started painting on other surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, paper maché, terra cotta and ceramic, in addition to canvas. He is currently working with texture, acrylic and oil paint. Jesús has not settled for a specific style or a specific medium since he likes to experiment with different paint mediums and styles. Although Jesús has always had a passion for art, he never truly considered it as a career. That was until he found himself in the middle of multiple projects that tugged at his creativity and his passion for art. He is now working on becoming a full time visual artist. In doing so, Jesús is demonstrating to his son that endeavoring one’s talents and passion brings one of the greatest satisfactions.

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