Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander is the hottest new illusionist to hit the scene, entertaining all across the country and on the Las Vegas strip. Jack recently made headlines with the debut of his show “EXPRESS”, a new illusion experience that is unparalleled to anything of it’s kind. With cutting edge magic, a sharp sense of humor, and an undeniable youthful charm, Jack Alexander is taking the entertainment industry by storm. Before he began working professionally, Jack fell in love with magic after a magician performed at his seventh birthday party. He instantly became enveloped in the art, and performed his first paid show at ten years old. His humble beginnings as a birthday party magician then grew into creating a full sized illusion show, theater residencies, sold-out tour dates, and countless other opportunities. He even ended up working with the magician that originally performed at his seventh birthday party, producing his first show off of Union Square in San Francisco at fourteen years old, and traveling to Las Vegas at fifteen years old to make his first casino debut. With all of this experience under his belt combined with top quality customer service and professionalism, Jack and his team will customize the performances to fit your specific event needs and solve your entertainment problems. He is fully dedicated to making his clients look their best, and guarantees to make your event a smashing success. Jack does this by connecting with the crowd through extensive audience interaction, and providing an entertaining experience that puts a fresh face on the classic art of magic.

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