Ingrid Taylar

Ingrid TaylarI’ve had a camera in my hands since my first Kodak Instamatic in grade school, a gift from my parents to shoot snippets of my expat life in Europe. I’ve also had an enduring love for animals, nature and ecology. But, it wasn’t until I volunteered at a wildlife hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area that my passion for photography merged with my environmental advocacy. Working in wildlife rehabilitation gave me an intimate view into the lives and struggles of species so often inaccessible and removed from our own. I do my best to paint my experience and theirs in pixels … that heart-stopping moment when ten thousand Snow Geese take flight overhead… when an old elk bugles under the season’s first snow drops… when a pod of Orcas glides past the boat, sharing the pulse of the ocean. Through the intimacy of my lens, I hope to promote love and appreciation for our fellow beings, their lives interwoven with our own. Every eye, every heart, every lens turned toward their well-being helps build a model of compassionate co-existence and ahimsa — the spirit of non-violence toward all. I hope this will someday be our norm, not our anomaly.

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