How you can help those affected by the CA fires

Photo/Noah Berger

With the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in modern California history still raging, I wanted to update you on what you need to know, and if you’re able, how you can help.

But first: If you live in affected areas, please continue to heed every warning, update, and evacuation order from local authorities. Be alert, and be prepared. We know not everyone has been able to escape these fires unscathed. California is mourning the lives lost, homes and land destroyed, and communities forever changed. But Californians are resilient. We are strong, and we always show up for each other.

So today, if you’re not in harm’s way, I’m asking you to join millions of Californians who’ve come together to lift up our neighbors in this time of need. This link contains a list of relief organizations working to support communities affected by the fires – please, donate anything you can.

I am in awe of the first responders and firefighters on the front line of this crisis, risking their lives to keep our communities safe. To all of our firefighters, professionals and volunteers alike: We are forever grateful to you.

The worst is not necessarily over – the fires are still burning, and it’s still critical to listen to all authorities’ warnings. But I know this: We will get through this disaster, because we are one California family, and we will keep supporting each other long after the smoke clears.

So thank you for stepping forward to help and embodying the spirit of community that makes this state so special. It’s never been more important

More updates to come as we assess the situation and learn more. Stay safe, and please keep these communities in your thoughts.

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