Gina Dominguez

I work out of my home studio in Oakland, California where I like to think of mosaics as painting with tile and glass. As an artist, my approach to designing centers around creating art that demonstrates beauty and joy and color. My main goal is to simply brighten someone’s day. If I can make someone smile or distract them from everyday pressures, then I am happy. My mosaics are primarily made with stained glass, mirror and copper. One of the things I love about these materials is the way they shimmer as you move around the mosaic because of the way light dances off the glass and mirror. The color and shine draw you in through sparkle and reflection.
An additional plus is being able to cut the glass into various shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles, tear drops, squares and strips allowing me to add movement, texture and dimension to the mosaics. Because the materials are extremely durable and colorfast, not only will they last for a very very long time, but they are perfect for people to touch them. This makes them ideal for public art. I first fell in love with mosaics in Barcelona, Spain. I was inspired by Antonio Gaudi’s non-traditional use of mosaics in his architecture. When I started making mosaics in 1995, my long term goal was to make public art and create custom installations. After years of showing in art festivals, running my own mosaic retail shop and teaching classes, this dream is coming true.

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